Strawberries & Orchids
at Rolin Farms
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Growing Berries

The season begins for us in January when we start laying the plastic mulch, with drip feed irrigation.
February sees us burning holes in the plastic, ready for the strawberry runners

March and April
are the planting months where we have a team of planters, planting the strawberry runners - one per hole.


May is cleaning month, the growing plants are weeded and cleaned up ready for picking.


End of May, June through to the end of September is when most of the action happens, pickers on trolleys picking fruit and packers in the packing shed packing the fruit to send to market.  


October and November are the clean-up months.  The plastic is pulled up, the plants are rotary hoed into the soil and cover crops are sown.


December  means relaxation and hopefully a holiday for the farmers and workers, before it all starts again the following year.